Donations of Money

( Bible4health Missions T/A SCS Bank)

Donate to SCS Bank Annual Fund and Goods Warehouse

Donate to SCS Bank Annual fund for community projects and programs. .

Money & Goods Donations

Support SCS Bank through your generous donations


Donate your unwanted items, products, foodstuff, machinery, equipment, tools and many more to Super Charity Store Bank a Trading name for Bible4health Missions. Your donation mighty save someone’s life and save our environment by reducing the amount going to the landfill sites.


How to donate

Below the image is the title of the items. goods you can donate. Look for the name of the item/goods you wish to donate, click on the photo and a form will load on your screen, complete the form and click submit, then we will call you to make arrangement to pick the items/goods if they need to be picked. Remember you can click on, as many images according the number of items/goods you wish to donate. If they are small items less than 10Kg and are outside the radius of 30 Km from postcode S81 0AG in the United Kingdom, please post them and will refund your postage.


If you wish to exchange your donation with cash please click on this link: — Cash for Stuff—


To donate please click on any of the images below, with the group title of what you wish to date.

Donate Not Listed below
Donate Money
Donate Clothes, Linen & Beddings
Donate Food Stuff
Donate Grains, Nuts & Maize Meal
Donate Groceries & Toiletries
Donate Shoes, Boots, Belts % Handbags
Donate Watches, Clocks & Jewellery
Donate Books, Hymns & Bibles
Donate Toys & Dolls
Donate Bicycles and Accessories
Donate Suitcases, Bags and carriers
Donate Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
Donate Medical, Hospital Equipment & Supplies
Donate Computers & IT Equipment
Donate Caravans, Trailers & Carriages
Donate Motor Bikes & Accessories
Donate Furniture, Tables, Chairs & Cabin
Donate Stationery & Packaging
Donate Office Equipment & Furniture
Donate DVDs, CDs, & Vinyl Records
Donate Shop, Store & Warehouse Shelving
Donate Farm Equipment & Accessories
Donate Construction & Building Equipment
Donate Domestic appliances & equipment
Donate Kitchenware: Domestic, Industrial
Donate Machinery , Equipment & Access
Donate Power Generators & Solar Pannels
Donate Mobile Phones & Accessories
Donate Gym Equipment & Accessories
Donate Sports Equipment & Accessories
Donate Vehicles & Accessories
Donate TVs & Display Screens
Donate Bales of Clothes poor villages & Natural Disasters
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